Cranked and the Wild Card Semifinal Slam

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Location: James K. Polk Theater
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The Cranked performance guidebook can be viewed here.

Cranked will be at James K. Polk Theater in Nashville, TN - April 10 & 11 at 10:00AM for school groups.

Contact - Cassie LaFevor, 615-687-4288 or   

Event Schedule: Cranked at 4:00 p.m.  The Wild Card Semifinal will follow at 5:30 p.m.


Cranked and the Wild Card Semifinal Slam will be at James K. Polk Theater in Nashville, TN


Using spoken word and hip-hop, Green Thumb Theatre offers an award-winning play exploring addiction, the drug culture, and recovery. Stan, aka “Definition,” was a rising freestyle MC who lost it all because of his methamphetamine habit. He confronts the damage drugs did as he prepares for a competition without the fix that dominated his life. Memories of the highs and the rush of the music collide as he fights to recapture the talent and focus he once had. Cranked contains strong language.

Green Thumb Theatre creates and produces plays that explore social issues relevant to the lives of children, youth, and young adults to stimulate empathy, debate, and critical thinking.

Photo by: Kyle Cameron/ David Cooper Photography.

Mid South Grand Slam Wild Card Semifinal

Celebrate the power of language and youth voice with this exciting competition.  A poetry slam is a competitive performance poetry competition with three to five Olympic-style judges who score the pieces  from 0 to 10 based on the impact of the performance and the poetry. This Wild Card Semifinal is the last chance for youth poets, emcees, and spoken word artists in the region to qualify for the Mid South Grand Slam Final the next day at TSU.

Through the literary and performing arts, Southern Word offers creative solutions for youth to build literacy and presentation skills, reconnect to their education and to their lives, and act as leaders in the improvement of their communities. Southern Word is conducting semifinal slam events across Tennessee this year to determine the top young writers and select a team to go to the national slam festival.


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